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bbkahuna's Journal

A combination of adversarial and complimentary
23 July 1982
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Twenty-five year old from Seattle standing in the great divide (and you thought Hedwig was the only one).

alternating between:

Opinionated and apathetic
Determined and free-spirited
Serious and light-hearted
Complex and simple
Cynical and naive
Aggressive and passive
Electronic and natural
Logical and intuitive
Pragmatic and emotional
Sociable and withdrawn
Responsible and care-free
Night and day
Man and woman
Quality and quantity

Through the progression of life, and the gathering of the experiential, one finds that the above begin to blend from conflicting to complementary.

The constants:

A recurring personally-philosophic self-examination and rebuttal of existing automated dogma.

A stubborn inability to apply conventional wisdom.

Seeing how far this vessel stretches.

If all that was sufficiently quirky enough, maybe you'll say hi?

Let the truth be told!

a tribe called quest, absolute, abstract hip hop, acid, ambient, ambiguity, arms, avoidant, bamboo, banana republic, biology, bjork, blackalicious, boards of canada, body contact, cards, causality, comfort, confusion, connectivity, correlation, cross-field parallels, cynicism, dancing, determinism, disapproval, discussion, dnb, dogma, ebay, electronic music, epistemology, ethics, etymology, experimentation, fhqwhgads, flesh, flirting, frailty, free form writing, free will, gambling, game theory, gay, goa, guys, hallucinogen, hedwig, hip-hop, hippy shit, honesty, humanity, hume, ideology, infected mushroom, introverted, irony, isolation, john locke, jurassic five, kant, keeping it together, killing formalities, lain, lies, listening, lyrics born, magic: the gathering, magnolia, massive attack, meat beat manifesto, men, misanthropic bitch, misanthropy, mistakes, mos def, music, musicals, nirvana, nwtekno, omaha, opera, p.t. anderson, perception, personality, philosophy, pho, phoenix fest, poetry slams, poker, politics, portland, probability, psytrance, quannum project, queer, rahzel, realism, regression toward the mean, rejected, relative, religion, requiem for a dream, responsibility, rhetoric, sarcasm, schopenhauer, seattle, servitude, sex, sideboard, singing along, singing in the shower, sociology, solitude, sporophyte, stakka and skynet, stanley kubrick, staying up too late, strength, stuff that smells good, sublime, submission, substance, subtlety, taboo, talib kweli, texas hold 'em, the roots, the stranger, tori amos, trip-hop, trogdor, truth, uncertainty, uncomfortable lapses in conversation, ursula rucker, verizon wireless, violin, vocabulary, weakness, wise cracks, wit


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